EP 94: Intersectional Long Distance Hiking with Carrot Quinn


In this episode, we talk with Carrot Quinn, a long distance hiker who is utilizing her time in nature to support the work of Defend the Sacred AK. This organization is fighting to save the Arctic Native Wildlife Refuge (ANWR)from unnecessary oil drilling and destruction of sacred land.
Carrot Quinn is a queer writer, photographer and long distance hiker. She’s the author of the book Thru-Hiking Will Break Your Heart and this summer she and a friend will be hiking across Alaska via the Arctic to raise awareness and money for current threats to the ANWR and to support the indigenous groups that are fighting to protect their sacred homelands.

carrotquinn.com // Defend the Sacred AK

Time stamps:
OO:00-06:15 chit-chat
06:45-24:00 interview with Carrot
24:01-26:15 social plug
26:16-57:30 interview with Carrot
57:31-01:07:45 RWLs

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