EP 96: Rural Queer Worldmaking with Queer Appalachia/Electric Dirt


CN: Discussions of suicide and addiction

We talk to Mamone of the Queer Appalachia/Electric Direct collective about the joys and struggles of rural queer life. Mamone discusses how QA/ED was born as a memorial zine project for Bryn Kelly and grew from there with her fabulous femme spirit leading the way. Now QA is working on addiction and recovery programs for queer folks in Appalachia, has a new microgrant fund program, and much more. We also talk: cultural appropriation of rural life, making queer theory accessible, how addiction culture in the US is so heteronormative, and more.

Time stamps:
OO:00-09:00 chit-chat
09:00-end interview with Mamone

EP 95: News You Can Use


In this episode, Raechel and Melody talk to each other about all sorts of current events including recent Trump legislation moves, most famous incel Jordan Peterson, and most seriously Palestine.

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Time stamps:
OO:00-03:55 chit-chat
03:56-06:55 Sante Fe mass shooting and Cuba plane crash acknowledgment
06:56-11:42 it’s a nice day for a royal wedding
11:43-23:40 (Free) Palestine
23:41-39:19 The incel movement, Jordan Peterson and self-help
39:20-46:22 Trump legislation moves
46:23-49:54 RWLs

EP 94: Intersectional Long Distance Hiking with Carrot Quinn


In this episode, we talk with Carrot Quinn, a long distance hiker who is utilizing her time in nature to support the work of Defend the Sacred AK. This organization is fighting to save the Arctic Native Wildlife Refuge (ANWR)from unnecessary oil drilling and destruction of sacred land.
Carrot Quinn is a queer writer, photographer and long distance hiker. She’s the author of the book Thru-Hiking Will Break Your Heart and this summer she and a friend will be hiking across Alaska via the Arctic to raise awareness and money for current threats to the ANWR and to support the indigenous groups that are fighting to protect their sacred homelands.

carrotquinn.com // Defend the Sacred AK

Time stamps:
OO:00-06:15 chit-chat
06:45-24:00 interview with Carrot
24:01-26:15 social plug
26:16-57:30 interview with Carrot
57:31-01:07:45 RWLs

EP 93: Kinky Theory with Dr. Timothy Oleksiak


This episode features a discussion with Dr. Timothy Oleksiak on his essay, “Composing in a Sling: BDSM, Power, & Non-Identification” (forthcoming in Pre/Text). He talks to Raechel about the importance of bringing sex back into theory, the ways in which writing itself can be a submissive (and/or dominant) act, and the implications of discussing his own sex life in an academic essay. He also joins Raechel for RWLs!

Melody will be back next week, but send her some love as she works through a busy time!

EP 92: Makeup Shaming, Feminism, Misogyny, and Cosmetics


Today we talk makeup shaming and changing shape of the policing of femininity-via-cosmetics. Using the essay “Beauty as an act of political warfare: Feminist Makeup Tutorials and Masquerades on Youtube” by Dr. Michele White as a guide, we talk agency, appropriation, resistance, trolling and more!
Time stamps:
00:00-08:13: Intro and check-ins
08:13-11:00: Who’s Ruining the Dinner Party
11:04-47:00: Main Topic
47:00-end: RWLs

EP 91: Reproductive Justice with Shireen Shakouri


Shireen Shakouri, a reproductive justice advocate, talks with Raechel and Melody about what reproductive justice (RJ) means, why the movement matters to prisoner rights, how RJ is inclusive to trans people, and how we all can get involved in the movement.
Time stamps:
OO:00-06:45 chit-chat
06:45-36:50 interview with Shireen
36:50-38:50 social plug
38:50-40:45 wrap up with Shireen
40:45-44:55 RWLs

EP 90: Roseanne & Representations of the Working-Class on Television


Raechel and Melody discuss the controversy surrounding the new Roseanne re-boot, but first contextualize Roseanne as a working-class icon and the history of working-class representation in television. We unpack racial codings of white and non-white representations, the intersection of gender in class representation, and of course revisit Stuart Hall’s encoding/decoding.
Time stamps:
OO:00-06:20 chit-chat
06:21-22:00 history of working-class on TV
22:01-23:58 social plug
24:00-53:00 Roseanne discussion
53:01 RWLs