Melody in Bitmoji form


Melody is one-half of Feminist Killjoys, PhD. She is a feminist radical who loves her job teaching at a community college and is invested in community and neighborhood resilience. When not impacting the hearts and minds of our millennial future, she volunteers her time at organizations including Neighborhoods Organizing for Change and the Minneapolis Bicycle Coalition.

Melody is a published author in select places. The provocatively titled Bike Lanes are White Lanes is available at all failing bookstores now! (but seriously, shop at actual bookstores) She has a bunch of other publications too, which Google and this website will gladly tell you about.

Her research//writing/work has been featured on Minneapolis Public Radio, The Huffington Post, and She gets calls from professors, journalists and podcasters rather frequently to talk about bike equity. She always obliges (unless you are KSTP).

Melody also enjoys this fairly vague list of non-ranked items: cats, bikes, playing basketball, yoga, lifting weights, weeding, vegan food, coffee, tweeting, reading.

She’s so glad you stopped by to check out the podcast and hopes you’ll stick around and maybe join our FB community. And maybe like us on Instagram. And maybe support us on Patreon so you can get access to our newsletter!

power to the people,


The Bitmoji is rather accurate



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