Raechel is one-half of Feminist Killjoys, PhD, prefers in-nights to out-nights, and believes in astrology and organized struggle. She is, first and foremost, an educator and an activist dedicated to making this world a little bit better than she found it. But she is also: a cat-mom, a yogi, a Comm Studies/Feminist Studies PhD, a vegan, a podcaster, a writer, and, most recently, an “ex-academic.”

Her writing has been featured in The Daily DotThe Huffington PostIn Media Res, (and more), and she’s been interviewed as an expert in her field for Rolling Stone, NPR, and the CBC. (Her academic writing has been published a bunch of places you’ve probably never heard of, but if you’re interested you can check out her CV ).


Raechel is also queer af, and a lot of her writing is about being femme and growing up poor. She also writes about: pop culture, politics, feminism, and health.

She’s so glad you stopped by to check out the podcast and hopes you’ll stick around and maybe join our FB community. And maybe like us on Instagram. And maybe support us on Patreon so you can get access to our newsletter!



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